-The original intended use for our Rubber Boot Bandages was to quickly and easily patch punctured rubber concrete boots.  We've heard back from a whole bunch of customers that have used the patches for other things and decided (just for fun) to start keeping track...  If you'd like to add to the list just let us know how you used them.

Easy and Quick
Just Peel and Stick!
"Repaired my Mohen kitchen faucet"-  Deb, Buffalo, NY 
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"Sealed a leaking roof on my camper"- Mark, Chaffee, MO
"Used two pieces to patch a hole in a heater box, as a rubber gasket between two pieces of steel and stayed put even   upside down. Easy to cut and easy to use" - Chris Wissmann, Cape Girardeau, MO
"I am a civil war reenactor and needed something to fix my gum blanket. Which is canvas that on one side is covered in rubber. It got ripped and I could not find anything to fix it. I was on google one day and found your bandages. What ever you use for adhesive works awsome"- Joe DeBellis- Queen Creek, AZ
"I keep a package handy for emergency hull repair on my kayake"- Larry- Panama City, FL
"I used these boot patches for repairing the turbo fins on my Hobie Mirage Sport, they worked great"- Vince- Seattle, WA 
"A+++++ GREAT PRODUCT!! Tore a quarter size rip in my brand new lacrosse hunting boots at $130 bucks. Thought I was out another set of them but I just searched rubber boot repair and came across this product.. Fixed them with one patch and now I have 1 left to find more uses for.."-  Corey, NY
"I fixed a leaking drain pipe, beats tearing the pipe all apart to fix it"-  Keith- Harrisburg, PA
"After repairing a bit of a hole in my muck boots I used another patch to seal a leaky drip pan. Worked wonderfully"-  Tony- London, England
"The old tin roof out at my huntin' cabin has been leaking.  A storm blew through and landed a good sized tree limb on the roof, puncturing it in two spots.  Fixed both spots fairly easy with the patches. No more leaks, Thanks"-  Gordon- Ashville, NC
"The door-fitting of my car got a tear and the exchange of this fitting would cost me more then 1000 Euro. I repaired it with your "repair patch" and I am really content with it."-  Julius Bige- Hammelburg, Germany
Helping keep thousands of rubber boots out of landfills