Dear Tom, 
I cannot tell you how excited I am about the Rubber Boot Bandage!  I have a pair of snowmobile boots that got caught in the studs of my track.  I was pretty upset because they were brand new and were not cheap.  Most new boots cost over $100, so I began searching for ways to repair them.  Most of the suggestions I found on the internet left me disappointed and leery of their effectiveness.  The idea of stuffing the holes with silicone or gluing them with super glue just did not seem like it would work.
When I found the rubber boot bandage website, it seemed like the perfect solution.  Anything that would stand up to the heavy pressure of concrete mix on a construction site stood a good chance of keeping water out of my boots.  I ordered the product and it arrived faster than expected.  As instructed, I cleaned and roughed up the surface around the damage and applied the bandage.  I pressed it into place and held it for about a minute.  I was very surprised at how easily the patch adhered to my boot and at how flexible the material was.  The patch created a strong bond almost instantly and stayed exactly where I wanted it to.  After a few minutes of extra pressure from the top and from inside the boot, I left it to cure for 24 hours.
The next night, I decided to test the patch for waterproofing.  As you can imagine, water leaking inside a boot in sub-zero temperatures makes for a very bad day.  If the patch let any water inside the boot, they would be useless.  The first test I did was to put them under a running faucet for 30 seconds.  The water was run directly over the patch area at full blast.  Amazingly, no water made it inside the boot!  I was truly amazed, so I decided to give it a more difficult test.  I filled a container with water and submerged the patched area for 2 minutes.  I removed the boot and felt inside...again no water at all! 
I am completely amazed by this product, it was well worth the money.  Keep up the good work, I am going to tell everyone I know about the rubber boot bandage. 
Thanks again, 

Brooks Tippett 
Greenwood Lake, NY 

I wanted to send a email to say that your "bandages" are great. I did not buy them to use on rubber boots. I am a civil war reenactor and needed something to fix my gum blanket. Which is canvas that on one side is covered in rubber. It got ripped and I could not find anything to fix it. I was on google one day and found your bandages.
They worked and held up to the abuse of a weekend out.
What ever you use for adhesive works awsome. I ended up giving some patches away and referring you to other guys that needed to fix their gum blankets. Thank You

Joe DeBellis- Queen Creek, AZ
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A+++++ GREAT PRODUCT!! Tore a quarter size rip in my brand new lacrosse hunting boots at $130 bucks. Thought I was out another set of them but I just searched rubber boot repair and came across this product.. Fixed them with one patch and now I have 1 left to find another use for..  

Corey, NY
Helping keep thousands of rubber boots out of landfills
"Thanks for being my choice also a voice of reason when it came to my new BOGS boots. I got a 2 inch thick thorn stuck in my right foot when I went in my backyard in the winter. I didn't see the thorn under the snow. But everybody told me to use rubber cement. I didn't want to use anything on them in case I ruined them for good. I went on the site called and read the links and 1 guy told me about your product. So I read all your reviews before making my choice. I finally bought patches . They are in my boot and no leackage of wet snow at all . They feel as they were new again. Thanks, 
Ms. Carolyn Perry"

Ms. Carolyn Perry
I have been a Union Cement Mason for 50 years and this is the best idea I have seen since the troweling machine was invented. $2.00 for a patch instead of $50.00 for a pair of good overshoes is a no brainer. Bob J.

Bob Johnson- Jackson MO